Super Products LLC has been designing, engineering and building its line of Camel sewer and catch basin cleaners for more than 40 years. That’s experience. And while exceptional, the new Camel 900 and 1200 are no exception when it comes to the rich tradition of Super Products offering municipalities and contractors the best in sewer cleaning equipment.

  • Camel 1200

    12 Yard Sewer Cleaner

    Camel 1200

    The latest addition to Super Products’ line of Camel® sewer cleaners, the 1200 offers a 1500 gallon water tank set-up and 12-yard capacity debris collector body to provide continuous, effective performance as well as many convenience and time-saving features.

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  • Camel 900

    9 Yard Sewer Cleaner

    Camel 900

    For municipalities and sewer contractors preferring a dump method for unloading, the Camel 900 provides outstanding water jetting and vacuum capability as well as offers 1000 gallon water and 9 yard debris capacity to provide continuous, effective sewer cleaning. 

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  • Camel Jet 1600 High-Pressure Water Jetting System

    High Pressure Water Jetter

    Camel Jet 1600 High-Pressure Water Jetting System

    Super Products’ Camel Jet® 1600 is the perfect truck-mounted, high-pressure water jetting system for keeping municipal sewers, sanitary and storm sewer lines, laterals, and drainage lines clean and free flowing.

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